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Since its inception, LoLa Hospitality has grown into a collection of unique and vibrant restaurants, which include fine dining global bistro and sushi establishments LoLa 41 (Nantucket, Palm Beach and Naples) and LoLa 42 (Boston) as well as casual dining establishments LoLa Burger (Boston). LoLa stands for longitude latitude, and the number 41 represents the specific parallel that the original LoLa (Nantucket) resides on. All aspects of LoLa 41 and LoLa 42, from decor and atmosphere to culinary delights and bar libations, have been influenced by countries and regions located on the 41st parallel such as Japan, Portugal, Spain, and many more. From the LoLa Burger to the Salmon Lo Mein and signature sushi rolls, LoLa offers something for everyone. LoLa Burger is the more casual spin-off of the popular LoLa 41 and 42 concepts with an approachable menu, including handheld favorites as well as beers and wine. Founded by Marco Coelho, LoLa Hospitality looks forward to expanding into new markets in the years to come.


LoLa Hospitality Holdings opened it’s first location, LoLa 41 Global Bistro and Sushi Bar on Nantucket Island, Massachusetts.

The concept of LoLa 41 is to provide guests with the opportunity to experience a worldly culinary delight, which takes them on a global journey across the 41st parallel. This ingenious creation gave the small island of Nantucket the chance to awaken their senses to cuisines from far away countries such as Portugal, Spain, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Japan and of course the United States.


LoLa Hospitality expanded their endeavors with Lola Burger, a well-known offshoot of the renowned Nantucket landmark "Lola 41°," previously situated at 1 Sparks Ave, Nantucket. However, it's important to note that this location is no longer open.


LoLa 42, Seaport District of Boston, MA. The concept of LoLa 42 was derived from LoLa 41, a Global Bistro and Sushi Bar.

The 42 stands for the latitude coordinate for which the restaurant resides and allows our guests the opportunity to experience worldly cuisines from across the 42nd parallel. Countries included on this parallel are Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, Turkey, Mongolia, Japan, and the United States


LoLa Burger Boston, your go-to place for delicious burgers and tasty beers, located in the lively Seaport area of Boston, MA.

At LoLa Burger, you can enjoy a full-service restaurant experience. We serve a variety of handmade beers and scrumptious burgers. And don't miss out on our famous truffle fries, now available with special sauces. Inside, the vibe is modern and cool, perfect for a city setting.


LoLa 41 Palm Beach, continues the tradition of our original Nantucket location, offering a Global Bistro and Sushi Bar experience on sunny Palm Beach Island. Guests at our Palm Beach establishment enjoy a diverse menu featuring dishes from countries along the 41st parallel. With our ongoing expansion, which includes the newest addition of LoLa 41 Naples in 2024, our brand remains a go-to destination for those seeking a culinary journey around the world.


LoLa 41 Naples, our latest venture set to open in 2024, extends our presence along the Florida coast into the heart of Naples. This new location embodies our celebrated Global Bistro and Sushi Bar concept, offering a gastronomic exploration of flavors from countries situated along the 41st parallel. LoLa 41 Naples is dedicated to providing an exceptional dining experience, showcasing our commitment to exquisite cuisine and a welcoming atmosphere, and promising to be as cherished as our other locations in Nantucket, Palm Beach, and Boston.